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2015 Family Helper of the Year


Mitzy Blair

Mitzy came to the U.S. in 1999 from Jamaica, where she was born and raised. She has been working as a nanny since 2000. Mitzy is married with two children, she has a daughter who is a freshman in college and son who is four years old.

Mitzy worked in the Hospitality industry in Jamaica before coming to the U.S.  Once in the U.S., Mitzy was immediately offered an opportunity to be a nanny. It didn’t take her long to realize she enjoyed caring for children and she decided to be a career nanny. She is devoted to the family she works for. She feels appreciated because she has employers that thank her for her dedication and hard work.

Her current employers, who nominated Mitzy for Helper of the Year, describe her as thoughtful, calm, patient, reliable and trustworthy, and say they owe so much to Mitzy.

“Mitzy’s positive energy is contagious.  She has incredible patience and goes the extra mile and makes each day a pleasure. Each day can feel endless with the chaos of twins, but Mitzy keeps calm and manages the twins through the drama the each day brings.”

“Mitzy gets all of the credit for potty training the twins.  It took several changes of clothing, along with M&M’s, but it worked.”

“Mitzy has been a stable presence through our moving to a new home and new employment. We know the kids are safe and secure and in a wonderful environment of love and respect.”