2012 Family Helper of the Year


Isabel Brito 

Isabel Brito was born and raised in the Dominican Republic. She attended college in the Dominican Republic, where she earned a college degree in elementary education. However, after moving to the U.S. she worked at a few different jobs before taking her first job as a nanny. Once she began working as a nanny, 15 years ago, she knew it was the job for her and she now considers herself a career nanny.

She enjoys teaching, guiding and playing with children. She treats each child she works with as if they were her own. She knows that the help she provides is for the entire family: the children and the parents. Isabel says, “It’s an amazing feeling to see the children I work with grow up to be happy and healthy.”

Mrs. K is Isabel’s employer and is the person that nominated Isabel. Mrs. K describes Isabel as very responsible, has a loving and caring heart, and she is truly devoted to the children. “Her strength and loving nature has made a difference in our lives, and we value her tremendously.”