2016 Family Helper of the Year


Anna Kluk

Ana immigrated to the U.S. in 1994 from Ecuador, where she was born and raised.  Once in the U.S, she had the opportunity to work as a nanny and she quickly realized that she loved caring for children, and has continued to work as a nanny ever since. In Ecuador Ana worked as an accountant for a financial institution. She has a BA in Economics and an SA in Accounting from Ecuador.

Ana is extremely happy in her current position of one year. She feels blessed that her employers appreciate her and treat her like family.  She loves the children as if they were her own, and she loves being greeted every morning with the cheerful, happy faces of her charges. She feels extremely lucky that this family chose her to be their children’s nanny.

In her free time, Ana loves the outdoors and nature, she is an avid jogger, and likes to read about environmental issues. Ana’s current employers describe her as, “An amazing and generous Helper. Beyond being consistently reliable, professional and diligent, Ana is kind, generous in spirit and caring. She is an extension of our family–someone who cares for us like no other caregiver we have worked with–and someone who makes our family better on a daily basis.”

“Ana regularly exhibits outstanding skills and initiative. Our son has grown from a baby to a toddler in her care, and with each milestone he reaches, Ana creates a safe, healthy and encouraging environment. For instance, James loves to play outside. As a family who recently moved to our neighborhood, we did not know much about the local parks, libraries or other child-friendly spaces. Ana has explored each of these, discovering numerous places that our son and family can enjoy together, and places that she enjoys with him on a daily basis. She has helped us to create a new neighborhood, network of friends, and a new home for our family.”

“We know that Ana has been a trusted and exceptional caregiver who has been associated with Family Helpers for many years. We believe that she is very, very deserving of this award.”