2011 Family Helper of the Year


Claristine Greer 

Claristine, who was born and raised in the Caribbean, has always enjoyed working with children. She loves to watch them grow, reach milestones, and most importantly appreciates the relationship that develops between herself and her charges. Helping families has been her profession and her joy for over 20 years. Claristine feels valued, as she provides a service, which is so important to working parents. Claristine’s present employers, Mr. and Mrs. F., nominated Claristine for FHI’s award.

Mrs. F. and her family moved from London, England to Westchester County nine months ago. Mrs. F. interviewed Claristine at a local playground. “I felt Claristine’s enthusiasm and groundedness from the start, and I liked her right away.” The family had not yet closed on their house. “New to the house, community, school and nursery school, the transition was so much more positive with Claristine’s help.”

Mrs. F. describes Claristine as enthusiastic, supportive, patient and caring. “I believe that Claristine’s goals include doing the best job she can for our family and supporting the learning and growth of our two young girls.” She is very patient, caring, social and super accommodating when needed.

Neighborhood Moms have expressed to Mrs. F. positive comments about Claristine and examples of caring acts that they have witnessed.

Claristine enjoys traveling, going to movies and reading. She willingly postpones her interests to provide help to families who need her.

Claristine is very thankful that her current employers recognize her work and recommended her for this award. “It is families like the F’s who assist nannies in creating a rewarding experience for the children by offering support, encouragement and appreciation of their work.”