Family Helpers really takes time to understand the family’s needs and send them just the right person! They send only the very best applicants.

 J.B., client, Pleasantville, NY

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Thank you for your interest in Family Helpers nanny referral service. This service is for families seeking full-time or part-time help (minimum 8 hours/week), provided on a set schedule (same days/hours every week). To register to hire a nanny please complete the application form below and a representative from Family Helpers will contact you to discuss your job opening in more detail.

Responsibilities & Salaries
A nanny is an experienced childcare provider. Although a nanny may or may not have specialized training in childcare or child development, a nanny usually has extensive experience working with children.

A nanny is employed by a family on a live-in or live-out basis to undertake all tasks related to the children in her care. A nanny’s primary function is to care for and to interact with the children in a safe and nurturing environment. A nanny may also promote the physical, social, intellectual and emotional health of the children in her care by providing age appropriate activities and opportunities.

Some light housekeeping pertaining to the children may also be provided by your nanny, including:

  • Keeping the children’s rooms tidy and encouraging the children to do the same
  • Tending to the children’s laundry
  • Simple meal preparation for the children
  • Running simple errands such as picking up dry cleaning
  • Children playing

Nannies typically earn minimum $17 per hour.


Family Helpers charges a nonrefundable consultation fee of $75 due at time of registration. This fee is considered a deposit and will be credited on the final client invoice. The agency placement fee for this service is 12% of the Helper’s first year annualized gross compensation, minimum $1,200.


Our after school nannies provide an excellent solution for families that would like their children to have a caregiver who will supervise homework, safely transport the children to activities, and prepare and feed them dinner.  When parents return home after work, the evening is stress free and is time that parents can enjoy with their children.