“Family Helpers was responsive, professional and extremely easy to work with.

–  J.F., client, Eastchester, NY

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Thank you for your interest in Family Helpers’ sitter services. This “temporary service” is provided to families in need of on-call, occasional help. Although, advanced notice is appreciated, Family Helpers is able to place a screened, experienced Helper in your home, with only a few hours notice! Temporary job requests may be for one day (4 hour minimum) to several weeks or months. All Helpers providing temporary and on-call services have passed Family Helpers’ rigorous screening, which includes interviews, reference checks and background checks, and all have professional childcare experience. Temporary services include sick child care, newborn specialists, doula services, summer nannies, babysitters, and all other services that are needed for a limited amount of time.

You may register for this service now and begin using it immediately, or you may register and Family Helpers will keep your information on file for a future time when you need our assistance. To register please complete the online form. Once we receive your completed paperwork we will contact you regarding your need for temporary help.


The Helpers are paid an hourly rate by the client. The rates vary and are based on the job requirements.

There is an additional agency fee of $35/day paid by the client to Family Helpers.

Short-notice Fees: For Helpers placed to work on a holiday or for any Helper requests made less than 48 (business) hours in advance, the fee to Family Helpers is $50.


Helpers may only take a child/children swimming if another adult or a lifeguard is present. Helpers are not to bathe children.


Family Helpers provides temporary/back-up help for clients that are in need of occasional, as-needed childcare, housekeeping or companion care. Helpers are paid by the hour and the agency daily placement fee for this service is $35. Most jobs can be filled with minimum notice.


Family Helpers’ babysitting service is provided for families that need periodic quality childcare help.  Part time Helpers go through the same stringent screening and background checks as full time nannies/helpers.  Parents will enjoy peace of mind, knowing their children are well cared for, while enjoying a day or evening out.


Date night babysitters create a fun and safe environment for children while parents are out enjoying themselves.  Helpers can prepare a simple meal, play games and read to children.  They go through the same stringent screening and background checks as our full time Helpers.


This service is provided to families that need back-up childcare when children are mildly ill and can’t attend school or daycare. Sitters will read, play quiet games and attend to their charge’s needs. The baby-sitter will also communicate with parents throughout the day regarding their child’s condition.


Hotel childcare is provided to families that require quality childcare so that parents may attend a business or social function, knowing their children are well cared for. Family Helpers hotel baby sitters go through the same rigorous screening and background checks as full time nannies/helpers. Baby sitters will entertain children with games, reading and watching movies (with parents’ permission).